Innovative software built by you

StoreVroom makes it possible for just about anyone to create their own applications

Capture, store, query, analyse and share, pretty much any type of data, from pretty much any source.
Interacting with data, in natural and intuitive ways.

And the best part? No coding required! Really, none at all
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So what is StoreVroom?

Find out how using StoreVroom can lead to reduced costs and increased productivity

StoreVroom is a cloud based, development platform. Simply use your favorite device: desktop, tablet, mobile or web browser. The platform allows you to use pre-built templates for common activities. You can also easily build your application in no time at all, and with no coding whatsoever.

Its flexibility and versatility means that it can be used by individuals, businesses, and organisations, for many diverse applications across sectors and industries.

Use StoreVroom to store and explore details about things, and their histories, and to interact with it as if it were alive.

What does it do?

... it does what you want it to do

Form designers are a thing of the past. StoreVroom learns how you work by capturing your business knowledge.

No need to convey your requirements to technical staff that do not understand your business.

Store absolutely anything you desire: text, documents, video, barcodes - you name it we have it

StoreVroom makes it easy to define your business process and collaborate with colleagues for workflow interactions


Get started quickly

Using StoreVroom can reduce costs and increase productivity whilst improving agility and improving IT security

No upfront hardware costs

Just use the devices that you already have

Little or no training required

Designed to be intuitive and easy to use

Super flexible

Can be used across industries and lines of business

Reduce complexity and cost

Depending on your size, you may have a number of traditional applications that do similar things in different areas of the business. StoreVroom allow you to use a single tool for multiple tasks

Move to the cloud

Move to the cloud with ease

Design your own apps

You can start with ready made templates or pay us to work with you, but you can also create your own apps but without the usual expense, risk and time

Super quick to develop

It's possible to create simple, yet useful, apps in minutes. More complex apps will take longer but the tools and the procedures are the same

No technical knowledge required

Use your own knowledge and expertise and get what you want

No coding required

Absolutely no coding required

No special hardware required

No need for special hardware or devices needed! Just use your phone, tablet or desktop


Traceability is at the heart of everything in StoreVroom. Every change is tracked automatically

Use a single tool for multiple lines of business

Use for anything you like, production, stock and so on


You can choose to shared any details and any other traceability information with whomever you wish


All major devices and operating systems

Access using the devices that you're already using. Use on the web, on a desktop, or take advantage of the features of your mobile device

Data capture

Capture and store all sorts of types of data

Cloud based

All the advantages of the cloud: no upfront hardware costs, available at anytime and from anywhere.



Data is stored in an organised and searchable way automatically


Explore your data whenever you like using the built-in tools


Want to see how things have changed over time? No problem, analyse on the fly with ease

Collaborate and Share


You control your own data but you can allow others to interact with it too


Selectively share whatever you like, with whomever you like, for as long as you like


Security and privacy come first. Data is secured using at every level. You have total control of your data


Interact with anything

Interactivity is a major feature of StoreVroom.

Rather than having to plough through conventional menus, the possible Interactions are presented to you.

Got some flour? Then you can make some bread, or some cakes

Got some unallocated stock? Then perhaps you'd like to allocate it?

Got low stock? Then order some more..

Any industry, any process..

Every property is tracked. What to log a patient taking their medicine? No problem, every detail can be captured, e.g. who, when, where, how much and so on

Key features

Permissions based

Interactions are based on your permissions

Context sensitive

Dependent on the current state of the 'thing'


Only the relevant options are presented


No need to hunt aroung in unfamiliar menus


Remember all interactions are audited

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Edit details
Add notes
Flag issue

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